Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Discovering Emotional Freedom - The Voice of the Voiceless

So the other day, I was reading Tina Games's responses to me in the Moonlight Mom's cafe as I was trying to connect the dots regarding my unique gifts and talents and how can I serve the universe. Back in March 2011, Tina was the one who formerly introduced me to Christine.

Here's what she initially wrote:

Through your gift of words (language), you are like Moses. You speak to those who are feeling disconnected (the outsiders) - and you speak to their "need to be free" of this prison - and you connect with them through the power of emotion."

I truly believe your gift is wrapped up in the beautiful way you tell your "pain stories" - your "stories of darkness, trying to find the light" - your "stories around feeling disconnected" -- there's so much richness in your storytelling.

When I first read this, my response was like, "oh yeah, well, pain stories. Yeah, what's a story without a lot of pain!"

But on my way to work last Monday, it suddeny hit me. My mission here on earth isn't about helping people write just any old "life story," but "pain stories!" No wonder I was getting stuck!

Duh, duh, duh! Why didn't I connect with this earlier!

Part of my business vision of giving a voice to the voiceless has to do with allowing them to share their "pain stories" - their "stories of darkness, trying to find the light" and "stories around feeling disconnected."

For months I have been focused on the genre of "life stories" but what I want to do serves a moment in time - not to just fulfill a chapter for a memoir. In this fast paced world, we want to do anything to avoid the "pain" - but we are not always aware of it. And in our own way, we slip into those pain stories without fully healing ourselves.

The premise of the book and my chapter for the anthology "Pebbles in the Pond," (to be published in the spring 2012) has to do I believe, with transforming these pain stories. While we write these pain stories, we begin to understand the message and truth of why this situation/feeling/event is happening.

When we are in pain, we struggle emotionally.

We feel like outsiders. We become wrapped up with our words, thoughts and actions.

But deep down inside, we want to be "FREE" of this prison.

This is where I help connect my tribe through the "power of emotion."

We can truly claim our voices when we are able to connect with the power of emotion and transform ourselves.

How can we turn the power of our emotions into something life-changing?

It begins with how we express those stories.

Someone who is reading this might think this is just a bunch of nonsense - What can these "pain stories" offer me in addition to just sharing more pain?

Giving a Voice begins with...

allowing ourselves to trust the power of our pain stories - that everything is happening for the highest good


We may want to find the light, yet we are feeling so disconnected that all we feel is the intensity of the emotion and how stuck we feel.

The power lies in how we are able to explore these pain stories in such a way that we also keep true to our own voice within.

This is also where I will share snippets of my own "pain stories" as a returning "immigrant" coming full circle with my American roots after living years in Israel as I show exactly the relationship between our reality and writing.

We are the driving force of our deepest darkest desires.

Voice comes from a place that is deepr and darker still.

By zooming in on a moment of time, (of pain) we take the time to analyze our own emotional disconnect.

Writing helps transform all the pain into something bigger, much more beautiful.

We don't need to see the pain as an enemy.

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