Saturday, March 17, 2012

How YOU Can be a Story Leader

Story leader.

What comes to your mind when you hear "Story leader?" I think of healing others and being a visionary. In our society, we have lost that very intimate and very precious connection to our own personal Story and to the Stories around us.

I was fortunate enough to spend 5 very unique and special days at a beautiful and hilly Jewish farm at Reistertown Maryland for a Transformational Author Experience and cast my "ripple" while sharing my Story (see below) in my own show "Dorit Unplugged." In the spirit and warmth of that circle, I began to heal myself with my Story and love myself again. I found joy and understanding. We all did.

Look around you in your community - how often do you hear businesses, leaders and role models incorporating their own personal Story as part of their message? Very few. Yet, it is starting to kick off - and in a big way.

It was first at the community room in Westbeth in the 70's when I learned of the power of Story from the well-known Storyteller, Stephen Holst.
Years later when I moved to Israel and taught English to Israeli high school students on a kibbutz, I turned to the power of Story to engage my students. I would read to them snippets of my Snoopy journal as a lead-in to a lesson journal writing - - the makings of our own Story in action.

I have always been an observer of Story. During the first three years of living in Israel, I observed the sights, sounds and smells of Israeli life and as I moved from kibbutz to kibbutz. Eventually, my natural ability to listen to other voices and in another language brought me to write my own Story of how I came full circle, which I'm writing now for my book, Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: A 5 Part Program for Transforming Your Business and Life in Story.

But yet, all during those years of living in Israel, I had silenced my Story. I knew there were many Anglos who immigrated to Israel, so what made my Story so unique and special?

Coming from the world's largest artist residence known as "Westbeth" in the world to milking cows and working in a kibbutz date factory in the middle of the Arava desert in preparation for my army service made my Story was undoubtably unique. Yet, for some reason, I always sought to silence my Voice. My Story. Maybe I was more concerned with fitting in as an Israeli, that it wasn't important for me to share my Story the voices of other Anglos with Israels. After all, we Anglos are common "Story material." Yet, I was the only one from Greenwich Village and I knew I would stand out.

In the past, I had the belief that it was more important to just listen to Story and not be a Story leader. Or any leader for that matter. That some experiences were just too personal to be shared. And by sharing them, I would be vulnerable. And G-d forbid I speak my own Truth? In other words, I thought I needed to give respect to those people who "earned" the right to share their Story - people who had accomplished a lot more than me.

And now that I have gone through my own personal transformation, I am blessed to be able to connect much more deeply to people when I hear them tell Stories.

And here's what changed for me completely. Recently, I allowed myself to listened to the threads of MEANING of their Story as a man and a woman talked about the Steel Mills of Pittsburgh and how those neighborhoods had changed from the 50's and 60's.

I could see and FEEL just how talking about Story on this semi-crowded bus where most people were texting. Story brought them together. Her Story. His Story. Becoming One. Just like the circle. As she relayed her experiences growing up in a steel mills town and his impressions of growing up in another steel mill town, they talked about familiar places they once knew. And their Story evolved around that. It was like putting the pieces of the Story puzzle together. Names and places suddenly became familiar. Nods and more nods. Smiles and laughter. Story brings that intimate connection.

At the transformational author retreat, one by one, people stood up to share their intimate Story and become a part of a global community. I encourage you to take your Story and message a "ripple" wider. If you join me as a partner of transformation, you can rest knowing that your Story is already heard. You can rest knowing that your Story is safe. As countless other Stories were shared, your Story was missed in our circle of love, empowerment, gratitude, and transformation.

Story goes deep and deeper still to that part of yourself that you think nobody really knows or has forgotten. Story is the part that heals. To laugh is to heal yourself, not to laugh at Story and You.

So to be a Story leader, step up and out from behind these invisible walls you've created for yourself. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are not viable Story material - they are just the "talk" of Story. Your Story penetrates deeper still. And ripples to the hearts of people who need to be wrapped up in your Story.

And the more you are tuned into others and wrap your Story in Love, the easier it will be for you to accept another person's words. And the more you can see yourself connected as one.

So join the HUGE rebirth, a "Renaissance" of your Story The new age of your Story Leadership.
Your Voice.
Your Vibration.

I encourage you to learn more about how you can join this Story movement and manifest your own Story as you transform your Life and Business in Story. Please visit -

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pump Yourself with Love: How Story Manifests Your Dreams, Desires and Hopes

I just love my “me” time.
Not just because I have time for myself, but when I am working out at the gym “time” has no meaning.

I’m in the zone. We’ve all been there.

When I am in the present moment, that’s all I need.

So today, something transformational happened at the gym that blew me to pieces.

I began writing my 30 minute morning pages (more like 10 minutes) and I started writing random things about my life Story.

I wrote about family dinners growing up and what it felt like to eat all alone.

What it felt like to read the back of the Cheerios cereal boxes for dinner.

What it felt like to watch Scooby Doo. Alone.

What it felt like to grow up alone.

And I listen to the pumpin’ of the machines whirring around me.

And behind each sweaty face, there is a Story.

There is the man whose face shows great humility and sadness.
Yet he spends more time observing others than walking the threadmill.
And I wonder - "why?"

And then, there's a pregnant woman who whose feet move so fast, she’s perhaps forgotten the handle bars.
What does she wish for her child?

Just watching these two alone, is Story material to me.

And I wrap my Story and their Story in Love.

So instead of my regular, “go to the gym, burn the calories, weigh yourself on the scale, drink water, go back, burn more calories, weigh yourself on the scale again, drink more water…” mentality, I find myself setting an intention to pump myself with love.

It’s not just about burning the calories, but building momentum.

And with each calorie burned, I am totally feelin’ it.

And then, for a few minutes, in my mind’s eye, I go back to the circle of the transformational author retreat.

And I’m feeling the Story connection of Voice, Body, Vibration. It comes alive.

Do you know what makes that Story connection come alive?

I write about my hopes, dreams, wishes and desires. What’s coming true for me and my family and what’s emerging as I surrender to the moment.

When you wrap your Story in love, you give Voice to past feelings and incidents.

When you connect your Story from your highest self, you begin to also connect with the other expressive parts of your being that have been shut out.

You see how your Story is part of a universal healing light.

And this is how giving Voice can also heal and transform.

Story is not only about journaling your life in the moment, but how you can be “free” of the emotional prison. How you can use Story to connect with the power of your own emotion.

And this is what I treasure and deeply wish for each of you.

That you’ll discover Story as a “healing bridge” that will gracefully unfold many possibilities for who and want you want to be.

So what about you? What’s your deepest dream, goal or desire? How can Story help make that happen for you?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's your calling? What's your Story?

I love the Pearlstone retreat center.

In case you haven't heart of it, it's a beautiful retreat center nestled and tucked away in the beautiful woods in Reistertown, Maryland.

More than forty transformational authors from around the globe of the forthcoming book (May 20, 2012) Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time gathered for a 5 day spiritual/writing gathering. What do you think happens when you put 40+ transformational authors in one circle? Talk about vulnerability, healing, empowerment, love and well, transformation!

Check out our Pebbles member Carolyn Rose Hart and what she had to say about finding her voice and calling:

==>> Get this week's Pebbles chapter reading here:

==>> Listen to Carolyn Hart's chapter reading via Youtube Here:

One of my other big "circle" moments was when I stepped into my "one woman show" that I would later call - "Dorit Unplugged" without me even knowing it! I'd share the very intimate details of leaving NYC for a life on a kibbutz in Israel. Don't even get me started about my very Kooky laugh! Argh!~

But some little voice who couldn't just sit in a chair told me to honor my story in a "comedian" like way. Humor would ground me. For many years, I had wondered which country do I belong to? Would I be able to make it last in Israel? Now, I had acquired a "new family" complete with many soul brothers and sisters. I felt complete. My soul had finally come HOME!

After about a few times standing in the circle, I had eased into my family. I could now sit in and out of the circle and feel myself bathed in my truth.

What's that "truth" all about?!

It reminded me of singing and acting while I was a student at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City: When I expressing the best aspects of myself, I was in the "zone." We've all been there.

Mind over matter. When you truly find your calling and a deep soul connection, you find stillness.

And another reason to speak your truth: You get everyone who is part of your "tribe" to resonate with you and you express yourself and honor your Story in the way that's right for you.

See you over at my new website in less than a week -

From my soul to yours,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Power of Your Story

The Power of Your Story

Do you ever feel like every day of your life writes a new chapter of your personal story? Or, that every week you discover something new about yourself that helps you see things from a new perspective? This is one of the great miracles of being on a conscious path of entrepreneurship and/or authorship. Every day and every week give you ample opportunities to redefine and write your story.

Perhaps you've experienced some chapters that have been challenging. Perhaps some chapters were so rewarding you didn't want them to end. And, maybe there were (or are) other chapters that left you with more questions than answers. Nonetheless, this is the journey of life... beginning, endings and the never-ending unfolding of who you truly are.

The beauty of your story is the power it holds to connect you with other people's hearts. Take a moment to remember a few personal stories that you've heard… stories that have allowed you into someone's heart. Maybe you read a Best-Selling book in which the author let you into their heart. Maybe you had a "random" meeting with someone for a brief time in which they shared their story and it touched you in a deep and powerful way. Maybe you were touched by hearing more of my story during last week's call.

Whatever comes to mind, think of at least one experience where someone's story impacted you in a deep way. What was it about their story that drew you in? Try to identify what happened for YOU (through their sharing) that made you want to hear more. If you can answer that question, you will have an understanding of the power of stories to connect with someone's heart. And, as an entrepreneur or author, you can use that same power to connect your story with the hearts of the people you want to serve.

So, now let's turn it around… and, remember a time when you shared YOUR story in a way that impacted another person. How did it feel for you to know that the sharing of your story made a real difference to someone else? And, how did it feel for you to SHARE your story? Sit with these answers for a few moments and allow yourself to connect with the power of your story.

No matter where you may be on your journey of entrepreneurship and/or authorship, you already have infinite wisdom and an incredible story to share. There is no place you need to arrive; there is nothing you need to do to make your story better. Your story is already enough to help transform another person's life.

So, let your story be told… on the pages of a book, in your next speech, or in a quiet conversation with a friend over tea. Embrace your story as the powerful tool for transformation that it already is.

And, if you want to get started now, I encourage you to take the action step below….

****Action Step*****
Set aside 30 minutes in the next few days to write in your journal. Set the intention for your journaling session to write as much of your personal story as you possibly can in the time allotted. As you write, keep an eye out for themes, core messages or recurring insights…. And clarify them as you write your story. Keep writing non-stop throughout the exercise. At the end of 30 minutes, put your pen down, take a few deep centering breaths, and with a loving and non-judgmental heart read what you wrote. Next, jot down any notes or insights you receive as you read your own powerful story. Finally, allow your story to flow through you to others… as a tool for transformation.

©2011 Christine Kloser
Three-time award winning author and “Transformation Catalyst," Christine Kloser specializes in training authors and entrepreneurs to write, publish and market their transformational books so they can shine their brightest light in the world, while impacting others with their powerful message. She is the creator of the Transformational Author Experience and where she teachers her signature Get Your Book Done® program. Christine has impacted tens of thousands of conscious entrepreneurs and aspiring authors around the world through her writing, speaking, live events, communities and coaching. A featured columnist in PUBLISHED! Magazine, Christine is leading the wayfor those who are ready to help transform the world with their words. Get FREE training with Christine now at:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free to Be Me

What if, just for today, you decided to be yourself?

Today, I received this message from the universe in my inbox.

Dorit, do you know what's really, really, really easy?

Whatever you say is really, really, really easy.

Same goes for the hard stuff.

You so fly,

Yes. To fly. This morning at the transformational author's retreat led by spiritual leader Christine Kloser, I had the chance to act my most authentic self. To fly. People who know me from long ago know that kooky Dorit and know her well.
But somewhere down the road, I've silenced that actress who loves to tell a story. Who loves to captivate an audience. But I always managed to silence my voice. Maybe it was because I was afraid to annoy many people with my high-pitched laughter. Or maybe it was because I never thought I had something important worth saying.

But today, standing in a circle of 40+ transformational authors had never felt so so good. I said, "Yesterday, Nadine Love, (another Pebbles in the Pond author) and I went down a long dark road for a walk. We left the retreat center. I saw empty vast spaces for miles around and it scared me. I never felt so much uncertainty in my life. At home, I am in such control of my schedule with all the hats I wear. I wear the hats of "the teacher," "paper-grader, "writer," "mother."

Bit by bit, I stripped myself down to my most vulnerable “kooky” core. People were laughing left, right and center. And the feeling of sharing my voice with others was no longer a distant memory. I was that actress. I was that storyteller. My Pebbles friends will tell you they felt they were on "The Dorit Show," but I call it "Dorit Unplugged.”

After I went back to my seat, the energy in that room had completely - and I mean, completely, shifted.

You see, I've always stuck to structure for comfort and security's sake. I always stuck to order and having a steady paycheck. But now, the time has come to give voice to all the voiceless people. My soul had come home. Acting kooky and "retarded" was the one tool I had to feel completely grounded and safe in my element. That ONE element.

All throughout the retreat, I hear people express the idea "How can I step up to be me?"

As I got people to laugh, I realized that I was able to create a very special space for other people so they could feel comfortable and vulnerable in their own skin and share their Stories.

So because I wasn’t sure of how I impacted others, I asked my Pebbles friends:

"You're a vaudeville act."
"You're a storyteller."
"You owned that moment."
"Your laugh is something. Infectious."

This is what I am meant to do as a storyteller.

All my life I have tried HARD to be somebody else's vibration. But, it's about creating that space. And being comfortable with who are. When you are expressing your most authentic self, you create space for people to step into their creative power and give voice to voice to their story.

Obviously, I had not planned for it to go this way, but obviously, there was some kind of vibrational energy that wanted me to own that moment and be in the spotlight.

So let yourself laugh wild and free and act as kooky as you want. Step into your power. Voice your Story and own the Storytelling moment. Obviously, for me, there was a big part of me that needed to be seen and heard despite all the uncertainty and emotional vulnerability. But yet, there was a part of me that wanted to hide under the table.

But the more you step up and out, the easier it will be for you to share that who you are. That of course is not a reason to step away. Other people need to feel your light. The most important thing is to keep moving forward, voicing what you believe and value. This IS your Story. People everywhere, HUNGER for Truth. Being who you are is not easy, but it is an incredible invitation to be who you are in the universe. You will get resistance of people who won't understand you. But that is evidence that something is changing inside of you and that your energy is healing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Your Story Manifesto Transformational Tips: What is Your Voice Trying to Tell You

If you've been following my blog, then perhaps you've already gotten a feel for my journey of "straddling on two cultural seats."

My story is a big part of it.

Just the other day, I saw a picture of the almond blossums of the Upper Galilee and the Emek Hahula valley in Israel where our kibbutz is, and my heart sank. The caption read: "This is the most beautiful piece of countryside in Israel" and of course, I couldn't agree more. How I wanted to be there at that very moment and especially, at this time of year!

The concrete that we wake up to every morning here in Pittsburgh coupled with the early morning sirens spells another part to my story. Moving to the US in 2007 was on one hand, a great big boost for both myself and my husband's personal and professional developments. But it also entailed, a great self-sacrifice in the name of a home, family and friends. To help me along this journey, I have my meditating mentors to thanks - Dr. Deepak Chopra and DavidJi who sit somehwere in my computer and await for me every morning to find peace and stillness between my thoughts.

I've discovered from the four and a half years of cultural straddling that there is this great big voice that has emerged and truly wants to be heard as it finds its way "home."

When I take the time to listen, the BIG APE OL' Voice from the depths of my own story, tells me that I'm missing the point! It needs recognition, self-care, healing as part of recognizing that journey. And so now, when that voice speaks, I've learned to listen and tune in!

But let's face it..most people are reluctant to share that personal part of their story. But if you allow yourself to dig deep (and I mean getting past the mindset stuff and listen, really listen to that voice that emerges from people and places you've encountered) you will discover that what you have been holding unto can also set your free. And if you're in the process of branding yourself, that story is a major piece and can lead the way for connecting more effectively with your clients...

So, where do you think your life story could lead you – if you allowed it to lead the way? What do you think you could gain, both personally and professionally, if you came out fully with your life story?”

Need more help to put your story into vision?
If you've been called to energetically tap into the voice of your story as part of a larger professional or personal vision, sign-up to receive your weekly story manifestor transformational tips as part of your complimentary subscription "Your Story Manifesto: Change Your Vision to Change the World." To subscribe, send an email:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Being Silent Never Helps...Here's What Does

Silence cannot be contained in a box; it is vast endless as divine presence. ~TaoliAmbika

How could I NOT miss that blue pamphlet?

On a Pittsburgh city bus, a man standing next to me in a yellow parka started to speak while holding a blue pamphlet. For a moment, I felt I was on a NYC subway with some of those "Jews for Jesus" people...

"In September, we're going to have massive cuts in our public transportation system...Port Authority is facing a $64 million deficit in its operating budget. This means slashing service. This is a statewide problem. No corporate solution."

"There are going to be some major serious cuts and it's going to kill us. Kill us!" The man repeated emphatically.

"The airport flyer - eliminated."

"Many communities won't be served anymore... Take a look folks.. it's really bad."

I must admit. There was a deep part of me that didn't want to even look at that blue pamphlet for fear of the eliminating routes...

The airport flyer eliminated? What? Are they crazy? I thought. I felt the blood rush to my head.

"You guys have the power to make a difference... There's a hearing on February 29th downtown..."

"Yeah," a man bellowed from the back. "Word."

I turn to look at the man - he was listening with intent. He was nodding. He was smiling...I looked at all the people in that bus.. they were ALL listening with intent...

When my husband and I both got off at the corner bus stop in the snowy cold, we both took a quick look at the proposed fare schedules and changes.

"And what about the 64?" my husband asked.

That was the bus my husband took every day to work.

I quickly scanned the pamphlet..

Eliminated! Eliminated? Eliminated!!!

The man in the yellow parka was right. It looked bad... Really bad.

"Haim," I cried. "They're going to cut the 64!"

"They're not going to cut the 64! David Shapira (The CEO of Giant Eagle, where my husband works) won't let them...."

That was when my voice REALLY got stuck in my throat.

Flashback #1 - I am back in Israel marching with thousands of other teachers fighting for our right to get better working conditions. We march in front of the Knesset building in Jerusalem, the Israeli Parliament for two straight days...

But for the next five years, nothing changes...same salaries, just bigger classes and more hours...

Here, in the US, I have to stop hiding in my voice, my jacket and under the "disguise" of silence...because if I don't, my voice will continue to stay stuck in my throat...

The power of the people..

In Israel, everybody makes a lot of noise all of the time and you have no choice but to join forces, whether you like it or not.

And as one who solely relies on public transportation here in Pittsburgh to get around, I knew I didn't have a choice, but to speak the public hearing...

In the snowy cold, I looked at the pamphlet again - The bus I would take to teach at the two universities would have service reductions as would the 65 Squirrel Hill neighborhood bus I would take in the early morning.

I looked at some of the other routes like the Manchester 18 line that used to take me from downtown Pittsburgh to the CCAC - Allegheny campus. What would happen to all those community college students who relied, like me, on the bus to take them to school?

There was no logic in any of this - just pain, and a lot of frustration.

(In some ways, even though we returned to a superpower nation, I feel in many ways, as if we returned to a third world country in terms of its thinking...)

And then, there was the airport flyer, the 28X which listed service reductions...

What does it meant to be voiceless...

Being Voiceless is when you CHOOSE to not speak.

Being Voiceless is when you consciously DECIDE that you have nothing to SAY, and nobody will listen to you, so why speak anyway?

Being Voiceless is when you relinquish your POWER to the higher authorities and other forces that be because you are too scared, too lazy, too tired, or too whatever to speak your own truth.

Growing up in NYC, I never thought I had the significant power to make a difference by changing things. I had stayed quiet all throughout school because it seemed to the "right" thing to do. After all, there were "other voices" that were better than me...

But... what if you could be ALL that you wanted to BE....just from SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH?

As I watched my husband's coat tails viciously flapping in the wind, I thought...How could I possibly know if some corporate person was truly going to fight for my husband's need to get to work on a bus??

I had already decided - I was going to speak at that hearing! No Matter what! As a matter of fact, I just made a note in my planner to call first thing Monday morning to "book" a 3 minute appointment. I have...

3 minutes to speak my truth.
3 minutes to speak my pain.
3 minutes to speak also for the voices of others.

3 minutes is all I have...

I had started to write this post and then got distracted with Facebook (but of course) but this distraction was totally different. I was specifically looking for a specific "energetic vibration" that would bring people together...

I took a quick look at the Compassionate Listening Project (where I got the quote on "silence"). Fate would bring me to the Facebook page of The Compassionate Listening Project knowing that I wanted the universe to support me during my 3 minute opportunity to be heard (a journey that reflected all journeys) during a public hearing...

Voicing our truth starts in our own homes, cities, coutries and towns...and begins when somebody says or does something that strikes a chord in our hearts, minds and souls just like the man in the yellow parka, whose emphatic talk prompted me to take emphatic action ...

Man, sometimes.... I wish life wasn't so hard...

But now I am prepared to drop my ripple everywhere I go whether I am on a bus or not...