Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pump Yourself with Love: How Story Manifests Your Dreams, Desires and Hopes

I just love my “me” time.
Not just because I have time for myself, but when I am working out at the gym “time” has no meaning.

I’m in the zone. We’ve all been there.

When I am in the present moment, that’s all I need.

So today, something transformational happened at the gym that blew me to pieces.

I began writing my 30 minute morning pages (more like 10 minutes) and I started writing random things about my life Story.

I wrote about family dinners growing up and what it felt like to eat all alone.

What it felt like to read the back of the Cheerios cereal boxes for dinner.

What it felt like to watch Scooby Doo. Alone.

What it felt like to grow up alone.

And I listen to the pumpin’ of the machines whirring around me.

And behind each sweaty face, there is a Story.

There is the man whose face shows great humility and sadness.
Yet he spends more time observing others than walking the threadmill.
And I wonder - "why?"

And then, there's a pregnant woman who whose feet move so fast, she’s perhaps forgotten the handle bars.
What does she wish for her child?

Just watching these two alone, is Story material to me.

And I wrap my Story and their Story in Love.

So instead of my regular, “go to the gym, burn the calories, weigh yourself on the scale, drink water, go back, burn more calories, weigh yourself on the scale again, drink more water…” mentality, I find myself setting an intention to pump myself with love.

It’s not just about burning the calories, but building momentum.

And with each calorie burned, I am totally feelin’ it.

And then, for a few minutes, in my mind’s eye, I go back to the circle of the transformational author retreat.

And I’m feeling the Story connection of Voice, Body, Vibration. It comes alive.

Do you know what makes that Story connection come alive?

I write about my hopes, dreams, wishes and desires. What’s coming true for me and my family and what’s emerging as I surrender to the moment.

When you wrap your Story in love, you give Voice to past feelings and incidents.

When you connect your Story from your highest self, you begin to also connect with the other expressive parts of your being that have been shut out.

You see how your Story is part of a universal healing light.

And this is how giving Voice can also heal and transform.

Story is not only about journaling your life in the moment, but how you can be “free” of the emotional prison. How you can use Story to connect with the power of your own emotion.

And this is what I treasure and deeply wish for each of you.

That you’ll discover Story as a “healing bridge” that will gracefully unfold many possibilities for who and want you want to be.

So what about you? What’s your deepest dream, goal or desire? How can Story help make that happen for you?


  1. Thank you for sharing this Dorit, the way you share your Story, I can see you in the gym wrapping the whole experience with love. This is the way forward for humanity. Let's wrap each other with love and non judgment. Great post!

  2. Great post Dorit. As Rod Stewart sang "Every Picture Tells A Story" I believe that every person has a 'story' they need to tell or share with the world. If in the telling of their 'story' they could wrap it in love, it would make the reader/receiver that much more susceptible to accepting the other person's words.
    I think I'll ponder your thoughts:)