Saturday, March 17, 2012

How YOU Can be a Story Leader

Story leader.

What comes to your mind when you hear "Story leader?" I think of healing others and being a visionary. In our society, we have lost that very intimate and very precious connection to our own personal Story and to the Stories around us.

I was fortunate enough to spend 5 very unique and special days at a beautiful and hilly Jewish farm at Reistertown Maryland for a Transformational Author Experience and cast my "ripple" while sharing my Story (see below) in my own show "Dorit Unplugged." In the spirit and warmth of that circle, I began to heal myself with my Story and love myself again. I found joy and understanding. We all did.

Look around you in your community - how often do you hear businesses, leaders and role models incorporating their own personal Story as part of their message? Very few. Yet, it is starting to kick off - and in a big way.

It was first at the community room in Westbeth in the 70's when I learned of the power of Story from the well-known Storyteller, Stephen Holst.
Years later when I moved to Israel and taught English to Israeli high school students on a kibbutz, I turned to the power of Story to engage my students. I would read to them snippets of my Snoopy journal as a lead-in to a lesson journal writing - - the makings of our own Story in action.

I have always been an observer of Story. During the first three years of living in Israel, I observed the sights, sounds and smells of Israeli life and as I moved from kibbutz to kibbutz. Eventually, my natural ability to listen to other voices and in another language brought me to write my own Story of how I came full circle, which I'm writing now for my book, Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: A 5 Part Program for Transforming Your Business and Life in Story.

But yet, all during those years of living in Israel, I had silenced my Story. I knew there were many Anglos who immigrated to Israel, so what made my Story so unique and special?

Coming from the world's largest artist residence known as "Westbeth" in the world to milking cows and working in a kibbutz date factory in the middle of the Arava desert in preparation for my army service made my Story was undoubtably unique. Yet, for some reason, I always sought to silence my Voice. My Story. Maybe I was more concerned with fitting in as an Israeli, that it wasn't important for me to share my Story the voices of other Anglos with Israels. After all, we Anglos are common "Story material." Yet, I was the only one from Greenwich Village and I knew I would stand out.

In the past, I had the belief that it was more important to just listen to Story and not be a Story leader. Or any leader for that matter. That some experiences were just too personal to be shared. And by sharing them, I would be vulnerable. And G-d forbid I speak my own Truth? In other words, I thought I needed to give respect to those people who "earned" the right to share their Story - people who had accomplished a lot more than me.

And now that I have gone through my own personal transformation, I am blessed to be able to connect much more deeply to people when I hear them tell Stories.

And here's what changed for me completely. Recently, I allowed myself to listened to the threads of MEANING of their Story as a man and a woman talked about the Steel Mills of Pittsburgh and how those neighborhoods had changed from the 50's and 60's.

I could see and FEEL just how talking about Story on this semi-crowded bus where most people were texting. Story brought them together. Her Story. His Story. Becoming One. Just like the circle. As she relayed her experiences growing up in a steel mills town and his impressions of growing up in another steel mill town, they talked about familiar places they once knew. And their Story evolved around that. It was like putting the pieces of the Story puzzle together. Names and places suddenly became familiar. Nods and more nods. Smiles and laughter. Story brings that intimate connection.

At the transformational author retreat, one by one, people stood up to share their intimate Story and become a part of a global community. I encourage you to take your Story and message a "ripple" wider. If you join me as a partner of transformation, you can rest knowing that your Story is already heard. You can rest knowing that your Story is safe. As countless other Stories were shared, your Story was missed in our circle of love, empowerment, gratitude, and transformation.

Story goes deep and deeper still to that part of yourself that you think nobody really knows or has forgotten. Story is the part that heals. To laugh is to heal yourself, not to laugh at Story and You.

So to be a Story leader, step up and out from behind these invisible walls you've created for yourself. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are not viable Story material - they are just the "talk" of Story. Your Story penetrates deeper still. And ripples to the hearts of people who need to be wrapped up in your Story.

And the more you are tuned into others and wrap your Story in Love, the easier it will be for you to accept another person's words. And the more you can see yourself connected as one.

So join the HUGE rebirth, a "Renaissance" of your Story The new age of your Story Leadership.
Your Voice.
Your Vibration.

I encourage you to learn more about how you can join this Story movement and manifest your own Story as you transform your Life and Business in Story. Please visit -

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  1. Dorit, stories are a part of our evolution and are thus important. Well said...thanks for sharing! :) <3