Sunday, January 8, 2012


Do you know the key to becoming a more powerful YOU?
I just finished watching this powerful video – thanks, Kimberly Barclay, you rock!

Presented by the fab Mel Robbins, a "tell-it'like-it-is" life coach, cements the understanding in twnety minutes, of how we can easily get caught up with our thoughts and how simple it is to break the pattern we've endured forever, but not easy to implement.

And it inspired me to share with you just how
You can dig deep to spread a message like it is, as it is happening to you
So powerful it can actually change
your own course of action, thinking, words, thoughts and deeds.
But first, you need to be aware of all that is happening in the moment.
For the last two weeks now for the Get Your Book Done program under the guiding intuitive hand of Christine Kloser, I’ve been writing about helping people understand the meaning of their lives through stories.
Just getting the information out there on paper gave me
The momentum I needed
Every day, I step out of my comfort zone by writing about my vision and making Going to the grocery store and picking up my son from school – I didn’t feel like the same person anymore.
I didn’t spend moping about what other people would think about me – which has been one of my problems all along.

But let me get to the good part….
And this helped me get past ALL the voices of limiting beliefs, understanding and expectations of “THIS IS HOW IT IS MEANT TO BE AND DON’T FORGET IT”
“NO, IT’S NOT!” I said.

And then, all of a sudden,
I asked myself:
“DORIT - What is the Message YOU want to SHARE with the REST of the World?
I saw how all the dots of my past experiences connected.
I’ve watched – but this one was culturally unique in that the social and cultural landscapes are different than what I experience.
At a first time basketball game yesterday at the university where I teach, my husband said, “Yeah, the stadium like the size of the hall of Emek Hahula, the school and the kibbutz where I taught for seven years.
Well, it put the size of it into perspective, but what about MY world perspective?? Didn't that count for something?

Perspective – Diversity – Israel- New York – Pittsburgh… Hmmmm
All the dots of my past experiences – ALL connected.
For me, my work is ...

all about rising above your limiting world views and feelings of an outsider no matter your diverse landscape and finding your own emotional freedom despite how your "landscape" has changed from the outside.

That’s my message I want to share with the world and I am the perfect person to share this because of my own life experience.
Well, I’m sharing with you this
“BOOM- BOOM CLARITY OF WISDOM” (Hey, it rhymes!)
At an imperfect moment, you can make the most impact... a thought triggers some kind of visualization and deep feeling from the soul and gut causing you to then take some kind of imperfect action.
So my point is, you have everything you need to succeed. Never in a more needed period of time, does humanity needs your voice.
So what are you waiting for?
Try it!

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