Monday, March 21, 2011

Going to Israel

After four years of not seeing our families, we have finally bought plane tickets for our trip in June. Ever since our purchase, my brain has been overflowing with just thinking about the trip. I take visual breaks from work which makes the day worthwhile. "OH, I'm going to Israel - Yippee!" The thought of seeing all our family members pulls me out of my isolated shell. For four years, we've tried to create a sense of family with the limited family resources we had. No complaints here - it's just been an incredibly challenging time.

It may sound strange, but I feel a very deep need to see our kibbutz house, just like a child needs his/her mother.

We've unwillingly separated from our kibbutz house - once during the second Israeli-Lebanese war and now.

It has not been easy to get used to the obnoxious sqwaking of buses down Wightman street heading downtown; the sight of concrete all around instead of the Jordan river and the Hermon Mountain - and since we willingly decided to leave lush and picturesque for the uncertain, we've had to compromise.

I know the four weeks will pass by in the blink of an eye. I'll begin to feel more comfortable in my surroundings again; I won't need to try so hard to make it because I'll be in familiar social surroundings.

It will be interesting to see my perspective will be after not being in Israel for so long - I intend to bring a journal and record.

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  1. Your visit will be bittersweet especially when it is time to come back. Record it all and journal it for later, what a wonderful experience.