Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poem: Tendings to the Weeds - My Intention

Here I embark on yet another writing and teaching day.
I haven't been on track with my own creative writing
and educational projects for some time.
To distract myself,
I go on Facebook and watch footage from the tsunami/earthquake in Japan.
I am in shock.
I argue with my son whether he should wear a sweater under his jacket.
I become tired. So very tired from not always setting the
After five hours of sleep for a few nights straight,
I see the answer in the blackness--
The blackness of a youth that once called me to work in a field in the Negev Desert
in Israel
touching the earth, tending the field
That gravity of push or pull, nor devotion nor fulfillment.
It was fun to work in another land, pull holy weeds weeds of adventure

Now the weeds are different.
I think, "what's my calling? What passion will serve me now?
Where does my work lie most untouched?
If I could do one thing know that would fulfill me, what would it be?
If I couldn't give the best of myself before, can I give the best of myself now?
Is it possible?
Mentors and coaches calling it "setting one's intention."
I am tempted to use it to set the gears in motion, because I know of no other apt term.
Anything to put me on a clearer, more precise and fulfilling path.

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